Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"That's So Gay!"

I spent a rare few minutes in the student-dominated world of the University Center yesterday evening. I needed food, had only a few minutes, grabbed a sandwich, and plunked down in a heavily populated section of the tables. A gaggle of young women with one young man in tow (literally, they were pulling him along) descended on the tables around me. It was like a car crash. I couldn't not look. Here is what I learned:

-current fashion trends dictate that one should coordinate one's bustier with one's shoes.

-platinum blond outnumbers any other hair color on women by about 4 to 1

-"laying out" to get a sun "tan" (though really it was a burn) is a popular activity in March in Michigan.

-if the guy you are crushing on comes into the building unexpectedly, you should dive under the nearest table, lest he see he when you are not "ready"

-the phrase "that's so gay" is still used by some twenty-somethings.

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