Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My kids have a fairly loose relationship with time.  All are in agreement that we should go swimming on this hot ass late afternoon, but they are chilling in the AC doing this (Geometry) and that (pillow fort in the basement) and not pulling on swimsuits...  While they are engaged in worthy pursuits, the pool is only open at certain times and soon we will be at the point where it no longer makes sense to spend the money to go to the pool.  And, inevitably, that will be when they are ready to go.  And then they will be mad at me as if I somehow conspired to keep them from the water.  It is the same thing with dinner.  They aren't hungry, don't want dinner, want to be doing other things, then *poof* they are hungry and they're annoyed to find no food is ready to eat.  So.... I guess I will go get myself ready in the hopes that they will soon decide that on a 93 degree day, it is a good time to go for a dip.