Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Where you just want to feel good"

C got me a vibrator as a holiday gift. I don't really know C very well -- which is why it was so odd. We are in a writing group together but that is our only contact and even that is limited since we come from different disciplines and don't fully "get" how the other writes. What made this so hilarious was that she did not understand why this was funny. L and I were in tears we were laughing so hard. P and J were amused, partly by the gift, partly by the laughing. And every time C tried to explain ("but it's aromatherapy too," "it's not a vibrator, it just vibrates") the laughter ramped up to a new level. Nope she didn't get it -- though it did open the door to some new territory for discussion in the writing group!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yuletide Overload

It has been a busy weekend: Cookie making at my folks (with Great Grandma) on Saturday. Decorating of the fake tree. Yule shoot your eye party at P & L's Saturday evening. More cookie making at D's on Sunday. Crafting ornaments and the beginnings of a decent Scrabble game at AE's on Sunday. Whew. I got a new camera... can you tell?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


"They are sophisticated men that know how to bam you." 11/30/08

In one of the books I've been reading lately -- written on an envelope scrap and in my own hand -- I found that quotation yesterday.

I have no explanation. I've got as little as I would if it were published in Found Magazine. I obviously wrote it down fairly recently, but for the life of me, I can't remember where it came from or why it struck me as worth writing down. Sigh. Mushy brain.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008




He was brave!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Year

A year ago, I had my hip surgery.

People ask me if I'm better... well, yes, I'm better, but not fixed. I did look back at the assessment I had done of my pain right before the surgery:

"Over the course of the four+ years, I have seen the flexibility and strength on my right side decrease markedly, I have become increasingly unable to walk or stand for long periods of time (esp. on concrete), I cannot sit on overly soft couches or overly hard chairs for more than a few minutes, I cannot sleep on my side (often being on the left with my right hip in the air hurts too), I cannot sleep for more than a few hours, I cannot step up more than about a foot on the right, I cannot drive for more than about two hours without suffering for days after."

Considering what I wrote a year ago, yep, I'm better... still weaker on that side, still suffering from some pain at the back of my hip often (not always), but I do not take handfuls of ibuprofen, I can walk on concrete (made it through the Shadow Art Fair yesterday just fine!), and the pain does not wake me up, generally. Overall, I'm glad I had the surgery -- it did not create a profound change in my life (this hip may always challenge me) but for the first time in 5 years, I've felt better rather than worse.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Can I still get a good grade in your class?"

No, no you can't.

To get a good grade in my class, you would need to attend class regularly and show up on time.

To get a good grade in my class, you would need to turn in all the assignments, not two of the ten that have been due.

To get a good grade in my class, you would need to direct your comments during discussion to the assigned readings and the topics at hand.

To get a good grade in my class, you would need to keep the appointments you make with me instead of just trying to grab minutes of my time after class when I have clearly told you that I am leaving for the day. Here's a hint: don't make a professor have to say to you point blank: "pick up your things now and walk out the door because I am going to lock the door and walk away."

To get a good grade in my class, you would need to have a final project. You would need to stop asking me abstract questions about how different professors approach the writing of papers and actually start writing something.

To get a good grade in my class, you should absolutely not -- never ever -- stand in a hallway and accuse me of not returning graded work to the class promptly when you have only turned in TWO assignments (both late) and you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Since you took your own sweet time turning your work in, I will take my own sweet time in grading -- which means I will always grade the work your classmates have turned in on time first.

So, no, no you are not going to get a good grade in my class. You are not going to pass my class, in all likelihood, let alone get the C you need for it to count toward your major. Here's a thought, maybe we could just call it a day. You focus on not failing your other classes and I'll focus my energy on the students who are actually engaged with this class.