Monday, December 22, 2008

"Where you just want to feel good"

C got me a vibrator as a holiday gift. I don't really know C very well -- which is why it was so odd. We are in a writing group together but that is our only contact and even that is limited since we come from different disciplines and don't fully "get" how the other writes. What made this so hilarious was that she did not understand why this was funny. L and I were in tears we were laughing so hard. P and J were amused, partly by the gift, partly by the laughing. And every time C tried to explain ("but it's aromatherapy too," "it's not a vibrator, it just vibrates") the laughter ramped up to a new level. Nope she didn't get it -- though it did open the door to some new territory for discussion in the writing group!


Dee said...

A bullet with Bunny Ears! Whoo hoo!


Andre said...

I don't get it... it's just aroma therapy. What's so funny about feeling good?