Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Year

A year ago, I had my hip surgery.

People ask me if I'm better... well, yes, I'm better, but not fixed. I did look back at the assessment I had done of my pain right before the surgery:

"Over the course of the four+ years, I have seen the flexibility and strength on my right side decrease markedly, I have become increasingly unable to walk or stand for long periods of time (esp. on concrete), I cannot sit on overly soft couches or overly hard chairs for more than a few minutes, I cannot sleep on my side (often being on the left with my right hip in the air hurts too), I cannot sleep for more than a few hours, I cannot step up more than about a foot on the right, I cannot drive for more than about two hours without suffering for days after."

Considering what I wrote a year ago, yep, I'm better... still weaker on that side, still suffering from some pain at the back of my hip often (not always), but I do not take handfuls of ibuprofen, I can walk on concrete (made it through the Shadow Art Fair yesterday just fine!), and the pain does not wake me up, generally. Overall, I'm glad I had the surgery -- it did not create a profound change in my life (this hip may always challenge me) but for the first time in 5 years, I've felt better rather than worse.

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biscodo said...

ok, well since you're feeling good and sturdy about going ahead with it, I'm going to just go ahead and say "I told you so". No, seriously though. I'm glad you went ahead with the surgery and that it made it better.

Those first couple weeks afterward when you were giddy about the less-severe-than-expected side effects, and then the disappointment when the recovery momentum leveled off and didn't continue improving as fast... well, that was kind of wacky. But given that you aren't either struck lame OR destroying your liver ODing on ibuprofen anymore, I'd say it's been something of a success. Call me crazy.

So, if someone else, who had the same problem and disabling pain levels as you, asked you about your labral tear repair surgery and wanted your advice - how would you advise them?