Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wine-Enhanced Amusement

Okay, I'm amused. Bud Light's slogan is "keeps it coming" and apparently I can already order a Michael Phelps "Greatest Olympic Champion" video.

Yes, yes, I'm watching Olympics... and there are commercials.

I'm also reading blogs and snorting over the way a certain someone has managed to once again (though unintentionally, I suspect) mischaracterize my feminism. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't write about that. He might want to beat me into suppression with his penis. No, maybe he will just oppress me with it. Jeez. I leave you with this.


Anonymous said...

OMG, was that me who mischaracterized? I'm so sorry if I did!!

Speaking of my experience, the big foot equals big penis thing just does not hold true.


PS: I wish you were going to Holler Fest, Geo!! We need to hang out more, and you could make me camp and it'd be all good :)

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Unless you have recently sprouted a penis, no, Patti, it is not you.

You will survive camping. Just remember, you were willing to hang out there already... the bugs don't really get any worse just because you are sleeping there. And those tent-type contraptions are good at keeping out bugs, rain, and dew. And finally, what do you care if Jeff snores? Sounds like you'll be sleeping next to it one way or the other!

Anonymous said...

Nope, just checked. No dingies :)

Yeah, I misread the post. Okay, I had been drinking when I read it, so I guess that counts as a "misread". :)

One day, preferably while drinking, we need to discuss your brand of feminism. And the best part is, every time I say, "I'm not a feminist, but...." you get to slam your drink. Or hit me in the head.

biscodo said...

Hunh. What part of that post is "misconstrued feminism"? Other than the self-identification of the post-second-wave feminist, the references to meaning assigned in unrelated settings aren't necessarily having anything to do with feminism.

Note the extensive use of "I" statements in the original post. Descriptions of personal opinion, impressions, etc. It's not telling anyone what THEY should think about penises, but rather what the author is saying about HIS OWN.

Interesting how you would interpret the original statement. A statement which, through self-identification, rejects the abstract symbolism and only decribes personal identification. And then you turn it to something about how you've been mischaracterized and thus oppressed (in the misunderstanding of the oppressor)

Seems kind of circular and self-fulfilling, doesn't it?

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Aren't you going to take me to task for responding on my blog rather than yours? Low-hanging fruit, right there!

My objection, and it was slight (or I would have gone to trouble write it all out in a comment for you and then blogged about in great detail here!), was the way the pieces of your telling of the story came together. It could be read (though I am perfectly willing to admit does not have to be) that the questioner who prompted your story sees "penises as Instruments Of Oppression" -- a completely oversimplified, one-dimensional rendition of feminist theories on physical embodiments of power. Your use of capitalization further implies a certain mocking of the whole (feminist) notion that penises have a larger symbolic role in our society.

Then I end up right back where the whole conversation started... I read to you an overwritten passage about the harm of pornography and you, agreeing with me (I think) that the author had taken things to a ridiculous extreme, made a male masturbatory gesture.

If your penis is an earlobe, why use the gesture of stroking it to express your disdain?

Ypsipearl said...


I love that metaphor of low-hanging fruit.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ--these are BLOGS, people. We can all express our opinions as we see fit.

BTW, Geo's (and golly gosh gee, I hope it's okay that I use your kinda name, my friend) statements were neither circular nor self-fulfilling. She's waaaay too smart for that.


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...


Actually, I don't use my name on my blog. My own approach is to use the name people have on their accounts. That's why I have friends with funny names such as "Injector," "YpsiPearl," and "Biscodo" :)

I'm not so sure about self-fulfilling, btw, but I am a *master* of the circular thinking -- not necessarily in this case, but in many, many others...

Anonymous said...

Re: screen names...see, I feel weird calling people by things OTHER than their name. I don't know why--it just feels weird to me.

Also, and I don't mean any disrespect, but I don't understand totally anonymous blogs. For me, I'm either going to be on the 'net as me or I'm not going to be on it. When I first started blogging, almost everyone I knew had his or her real name on it, so I got used to that. So Zoe, please don't take it the wrong way-like I said, I didn't mean to get up in your grille--it just feels weird to write Zoe and not your real name.

Then again, I've never had a nickname, ever in my life. I've always been Patti (except for up until I was 10 years old and I was Patricia). Now, if you can think of a nice nickname for me, I might reconsider :) :)


Stella said...

The name dilemma is one I have spent way too much time thinking about. I get especially apprehensive when I start thinking about my name and my career. I've tried to find a sort of middle ground, though I don't really know how effective I've been. I use my first name (but not my last); I refer to my family members by first name; I am clear about the fact that I am a teacher in San Francisco, but I never mention where. (I used to, but after reading too many stories about people getting "dooced," I went back through my blog and deleted any overt reference to my place of employment.) These teacher-student, blogger-employer boundaries can be challenging!

biscodo said...

Well name-wise, I went so far as to come up with a policy for myself. Of course, as would be appropriate, I blogged about it. Sounds like you (Stella) ended up in about the roughly the same place balance-wise. If someone knows the author personally, then there's enough detail to confirm they're reading about the right person, and enough interesting detail to care enough to read. But if someone clicks randomly and just finds the blog, chances are pretty good that there's not much risk of real life privacy being invaded by some passing stranger.

Warren said...

My cat's breath smells like cat food!

Anonymous said...

WARREN NEEDS A BLOG OF HIS OWN (sorry to shout :))

I blogged about this issue too, just because I needed some schoolin'. I still think that if I have a cool nickname, I will feel differently about using other people's nicknames, but I don't know. I still feel weird....

:sends virtual wave to a fellow teacher:

Andre said...

I always refer to people by their real first names on my blog, but I never include last names. I odn't know what the fuck a Biscodo is, so I don't feel comfortable using it. As for Zoe, that was your dog... not you. If I were to address Zoe, I would feel like I was addressing your dog (RIP).

As far as penises go, I don't pay them much mind... I'm much more interested in cunts.

biscodo said...

Andre said:

"I odn't know what the fuck a Biscodo is, so I don't feel comfortable using it."

What is a Biscodo? It is powerful, and it is mysterious. And its power is exceeded only by its mystery.

I can understand how you might not be comfortable using it. It's intimidating and takes a great deal of skill to use it properly. Using it improperly or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may result in undesired effects. If a rash results, discontinue use.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Ah, the comment thread that will not die...

Okay, TP and Andre, look at it this way: you are special people. You know who I am in real life. Think of it as a delicious little secret that you know my real name... Now, if you go blabbing it all over my blog, then you won't be one of the special ones anymore. And won't you be sad then? Don't you like be special?

Anonymous said...

Let's see how long this thread can be! Whee!

Yeah, you're right...I like being special (special ed--ha ha ha ha ha!). I do love your last name--sooo much better than Smith (birth name--didn't change upon marriage). But if we were gay for each other, Zoe, I'd totally change my last name--it's cool! :)