Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Locked Out

Yahoo won't let me into my yesterdaylooksgood e-mail account. I can log into my other one just fine. I've had this happen now and again, but it has never lasted 12 hours! It is driving me nuts (of course) because I know from Messenger that I have two new e-mails in there. Anyway, if one of those e-mails was from you, you'd better call, I guess.


Anonymous said...

One of them is from me, but it's no huge hurry...it's just re: the taco tour. I hope it gets fixed soon :)

Matthew said...

Gmail is usually much better...

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Still locked out... going on 24 hours now. I've sent a dozen messages to yahoo:(

Anyway, Patti, this probably does you no good as it is such short notice, but I'm at CB now. Going to prep for a meeting tomorrow and work on my syllabus. Since there is a beer next to me, I think I have only about an hour until the drink wins out over the work!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you! Text me anytime...you're in my phone, so I will know it's you :)

Here is the email that I sent you...reply when you can:

Hey Geo--

How are you? I realized the other day that I sort of volunteered you for something, but only discussed it with myself and not with you. :-D I am going to do the taco ride on the 14th, but I have my suicide walk until 1 or 1:30. I already talked to Tom and I am going to join you'all midway through. But, I will need someone to, uh, hold my tacos for me. Will you do me the honors?
Also, can I have your address? I want to add you to my birthday card list, which means that you will get a card on your birthday :) I promise not to drop by the house unannounced :)


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

All better now!