Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I "one" it

Dead opossum in the middle of the road.

Car passes me, hits the opossum.

Wet, squishy, thud.

Dead opossum tossed up in the air behind the car.

Lands with a splat next to me.

Eew. Were those sprinkles I felt on my leg on this moist morning or opossum guts?


TeacherPatti said...


Jeff ran over some type of vermin on Sunday and it squirted all over the place. I did feel bad about it and told the corpse (through the window), to go to God, head to the bright light, etc.


the injector said...

oh yuck. that sucks.

ypsipearl said...

These are hard times. You could have made chili out of that. And a warm muffler.