Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sounds of the Jungle

Good golly. I'm drinking (very weak) coffee at Jungle Java in Ann Arbor while my children are off climbing around in the giant indoor jungle gym. Very strange. I suppose this is a lovely idea, especially for a cool, rainy Saturday afternoon at the tail end of spring break. I brought work (because the kids don't want much from me with all this play equipment and I am not allowed to chase them through the climbing structure anyway) but I find the people here way too distracting to get much done. The lighting is really weird, too, and I'm feeling seriously disoriented. I expect we will all be twitching by the time we leave.

I wonder, what is the ratio of tantrums-upon-leaving to number of child patrons at this place?


Stacey said...

It is so America. But at least it's an opportunity for the kids to break a sweat, so that's good.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Break a sweat, yeah... but I think they intentionally keep that place too warm so that your wee-uns will come up to you all sweaty and red faced and you will feel compelled to dig into your wallet again to buy them cool drinks...

Ah, it is all a giant conspiracy.