Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wait, can it be????

Yes, it is spring. Okay, technically it isn't spring until 1:48am on Thursday, March 20th, but the signs are here.... There are birds chirping outside my window, there is an almost-warm (or at least not cold) gray rain falling, and only the once-largest but now all dingy snow banks remain. The temperature was 34 yesterday, but today it might hit 50 degrees. Yep, that is spring in Michigan.

A more personal measure... I have ridden my bike for six days in a row. It doesn't hurt that my car is currently on the bench due to illness, but I'd like to think I would have ridden anyway. The first couple of ventures out were tough after almost six weeks off (and not a whole lot of riding in the six weeks before that), but it got better quickly and I felt great zipping about with the Bike Ypsi crew on Sunday. That zingy feeling of arriving at one's destination with blood pumping is pretty cool. I even rode to and from the Women's Studies conference this weekend -- a first for me. Now I just need to get my bikes a bit more cleaned up, exorcise the gear-shifting demons that live in the black bike, and find a water/wind-proof/resistant jacket that has sleeves long enough to cover my wrists even when I'm riding on the hoods and I'll be all set to embrace the season.

Yay! Spring!


Anonymous said...

I missed you at the RAT! Instead of getting the finger from people, we had a homeless dude harassing some of us for money. (He didn't bother me...he just petted my stuffed rat that was in my breast pocket. If he gone for the breast, we would have had problems :)).

Kate said...

late reader.
bah-humbug there is snow outside- that is a michigan spring.

Matthew said...

I don't know what you all are talking about - it was 90 and sunny here both days this weekend... I may have a little bit of sunburn to show for it.