Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parking II

In the continuing saga of updating Riverside and Frog Island parks, I got these tidbits of information about the status of things from Ypsi-bureaucrat-extraordinaire Murph:

Currently: Landscape Architect Chris and his client, the Depot Town CDC, try to figure out what (a) the community wants, (b) is physically possible, and (c) they think they can afford or find funding for. Chris munges all that into a draft plan.

Next: Chris presents the draft plan to the City’s Recreation Commission for comments (Nov. 29, 7pm, City Hall, open to public), to use, along with further discussion with his clients, to come back Dec. 13 (same time/place) with a final draft.

Following: The Recreation Commission will be releasing a Draft Master Plan for the entire city parks/rec system for public review and comment, likely for the month of January, then hold public hearing, pass it up to Council, who send it on to the State DNR.

Meanwhile: The Depot Town CDC uses their spankin’ new plan to shop for funding and start planning for the summer ’08 event-slash-construction season.

Budget will be determined partially by grant funding, partially by event revenues (the Elvis Fest people have a lot of overlap with the CDC people, and have committed money), partially by expected future revenues from anything built, and they’ll take it a piece at a time.

I'm going to try to hit the meeting on Nov 29th (Thursday!). Wanna come?

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