Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hat, Meet Head

Despite having grown up with a mother who carefully photographed all her creations (stained glass, quilts, etc.) before giving them away, I rarely seem to remember to document my own work.

I did have my camera handy when my most recent project met its new person, however. I like to make odd hats (bright colors, odd shapes, weird yarn, lots of boings) but it is tricky to get the right kind of odd matched up with the right person (and then knit up in the right size!).

This one seems to have come off without a hitch. It is knit in that beautiful Andean Silk yarn from Knit Picks and I did a better job with the double pointed needles near the crown than I have in the past so, even for a crazy hat, it is pretty (if I do say so myself).

I even managed to weave in all the ends AND have it done in time for the birthday festivities. Happy knitter, I am.


Ypsipearl said...

I'd say it turned out perfectly.

Warren said...

Another satisfied customer.