Friday, November 16, 2007

Beer-infused house cleaning

Yesterday was a good day -- I finally made some progress on the Minneapolis article. I knew the article was there, but I was struggling through heaps of eye-wateringly boring zoning commission testimony and that made it hard to see the big picture. Yesterday I was able to focus on the kinds of questions I will be able to address once I've finished accumulating the research. And it is good stuff. Like I said, I knew it was there, I just couldn't see it. Lots more work to do, but I could revel in finally having some idea of where I was headed.

But then today, I stalled. Oh sure, I made it to the gym, I picked up the buying club order, I sat in front of the computer, but no real work would happen. I put in some hours, but little came of it. Sometimes it feels like all I am doing is mapping out the "real" work that I will do "someday." Ugh.

An unsettled afternoon turned me grumpy -- I was cold, tired, and feeling very unproductive. In such a state I often become greatly annoyed at the clutter of my house. I secretly (okay, it isn't really a secret) want someone else to clean it, but the menehune never seem to come. So I finally hoisted myself off the couch, opened a beer, put the earbuds in, and cleaned...

Ah, finally, some productivity... and with the ipod blaring, the rest of the world was gone. Nice.

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