Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Words and Music

I came home to write this afternoon -- I'm on a bit of a roll these days even though I am writing something of a puff piece at the moment -- and there is lovely music coming from my basement. Sometimes it is just a beautiful thing to live with a musician. Right now he is playing/singing a Jay tune from long ago... from a band he was in back in our Atlanta days... from a time when we didn't have real jobs, when we didn't have children, when we rented and drove crappy cars. Now I'm all swirly and nostalgic. I think it will be nice mood from which to write.


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Whew... finished the first pass on the essay just in time. W has switched over to 1920s rags and the Johnny Mercer songbook. I think it's time to roll up to the coffee shop for a change of venue and a bit o' reading. Not hating on the old music -- just not the vibe I was loving on a while ago. Think I'll take the ipod with me and live on in Mudclowns world a little bit longer.

Warren said...
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Warren said...

Are you looking back into the flying debris of Mud Clowns history?