Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cold Feet

I've been trying to outfit myself for fall riding on a shoestring budget by pulling together things I already own and picking up this and that from local thrift stores. I've got silk and microfiber underwear, turtlenecks, and wool which will work as baselayers and a biking jacket poached from a friend that, while ridiculously big on me, is proving useful. I picked up a bright yellow slicker, a vest, and some windproof, flannel lined pants at the Salvation Army to fill in some of the gaps in my wardrobe. I won't be a fashion plate on the bike, but at least I'll be warm enough to be on the bike.

This morning's ride was certainly a test of how well I'm doing in this project -- it was bright and crisp at 8:00am and layers were very much in order. I rode E to school and realized the gloves wouldn't cut it... so I looped back home for gloves to pull over bike gloves (check) and a fleece headband to keep ears warm (check). Somewhere after mile 7, however, I realized my feet were getting pretty cold. It didn't get better until mile 10, but I think that was more just me getting used to it. When I got home and took my shoes off, I had unhappy, cold feet. So, the feet are my weak link for cool-weather riding.

I know they make booties to go over bike shoes for just such occasions, but that is not the cheap fix for which I am looking. I do want to work this out, though... Ford Lake was so pretty with a still-low morning sun, colorful trees, and no wind.

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Tierra the earth mama said...

sounds like you could use a pair of uggs. but, they are made out of animal skin...don't know if you approve of that. they sure are warm though!