Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dispatch from Portland #2 -- Touch

Friday was a long day. Breakfast/plenary, sessions, lunch/plenary, sessions, sessions, reception... and then a lovely escape to dinner and local craft brews with only my best grad school buddy. I'm not complaining, my session went well and was far better than the other sessions I attended that day. I kept hearing "presentations" about what people intended to research or think about, rather than actual research and analysis. You can tell me over coffee what you are thinking about, but at a professional panel, I expect to hear well developed and supported interpretations. Argue something and have evidence please! [rant over]

Anyway, when I finally staggered back into my hotel room a bit before 10pm, the exhaustion hit me. Granted all I had been doing was sitting around all day -- but I was sitting in my fancy clothes with my professional face in place and my brain on ready to process insight or run with inspiration. The experience made me realize how surreal it is to spend entire days living only in that part of my brain without the other pieces of my life that I probably take for granted. The one that came to mind was touch. I had not really touched another human being all day. Oh sure, I shook a few hands and there was probably at least one friendly arm grab in there, but nothing real. This makes me appreciate all the touch I usually have in my life from the kids hugging me when they get up most mornings to my huggy hippie buddies to those most excellent spousal footrubs. I think I need a snuggle.

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Ypsipearl said...

There's definitely some warm melty touching missing in my life, and it looks like something I'd better get used to. Wah.