Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, it’s a start….

…just not a very auspicious one. I’m sitting in DTW and, I’m embarrassed to confess, I am early. The plane does not take off for an HOUR and I am already at the gate, having checked in, cleared security, gone to the bathroom, and gotten coffee. Yikes! I’m usually a walk up to the gate and get directly on the plane kinda girl. Really.

So while I wait I’m consuming a lukewarm coffee (gack) and a stale scone. I hate Starbucks, but that is what is here and since you can’t bring anything through security, one must deal with what is here. This coffee stand is evidence that Starbucks cares nothing about coffee. I ordered a small non-fat latte (for some reason forgetting to specify “extra hot,” not that that probably would have mattered anyway). After she made the coffee, the barista asked me if I wanted whipped cream on that. “On a latte? No!” I respond. She hands me a coffee that looks bigger than “small,” but I take it and scoot away. And then I taste it… ah, I get it now. It is a mocha, not a latte. While I am not opposed to chocolate, I rarely get it in my coffee as it only cools a drink that I prefer to consume at blazingly hot temps. Ah well. But then, to add further insult, the cinnamon scone turns out to be ancient, crumbly, dry. Sigh. I am in an airport… and the old terminal to boot. Surely things will get better when I get to DC, right?

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