Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Research: Day 2

…but the second day is a beautiful thing

As I would expect, the second day of research went exceedingly well. I knew exactly where I was going. I developed a system to work with the procedures of the library that ensured that I had both a variety of activities and a constant stream of material – none of that pesky waiting that plagued yesterday. I plowed through about half my list of etiquette manuals (the main purpose of my visit), which means I am on track to have some time to try and track down other material on restrooms, street lighting, and women’s hotels. Yay!

The library staff is lovely and I have been left to my own devices, for the most part. I appreciate that they let researchers copy materials on their own, set up their own hold shelf, etc., etc. My only real complaint is that there are no bathrooms anywhere near the main reading room. An elevator ride and a healthy hike are necessary in order to go pee – if you are a woman. The men’s room is right around the corner. Hmmm….

Okay, tonight is the only night the library closes early so I will take this enforced leisure time and go in search of a good beer and some Indian food.

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