Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The "perfect" food

So I've been searching over the last month or so for the perfect pre-ride food. After an unfortunate choice a while back and a subsequent mild bonk at about mile 26, I decided I needed to pay more attention to what went in my belly before my butt went on the bike.

And here is what I've settled on:

Yep, fancy-schmancy, organic, vegetarian pop tarts -- frosted, of course.

Tested on 50, 40, and 25 milers... yep, they work. Now the only challenge is keeping a ready stash hidden from the kids.


Ypsipearl said...

I'm surprised this works for seems too sweet and carby, which I would think would lead to a sugar crash.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Carby is good. Full-ish tummy on the bike is okay in a way it is not in other sports (say, ones that involve running). Now I have to learn to eat on the bike, if I'm gonna stay out for hours and hours.