Monday, April 23, 2012

My favorite time of the term

I love this time of the term -- the shift into finals really changes the culture. People are studying everywhere, but the whole pace of campus is slower and the sense of camaraderie is higher.

When I was at Agnes Scott, we could take our finals when we wanted to and many of the freshman raced through them as fast as possible in order to leave campus for the holidays. By the end of second term, however, we learned what the older students already knew and we took more time with the finals, concentrating our studying, pacing the test-taking, and taking all the time we could.

At Indiana, I remember having an exam in the last possible slot at the end of winter term my first year. It came long after my other courses were finished, affording me days of luxurious studying and, frankly, lounging. I don't remember anyone rushing... not like during the term, anyway. And then the dorm and campus became increasingly empty and peaceful, and it was lovely (and I aced the exam).

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