Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleep Weirdness

Oof, I was tired last night. Actually, it started in the afternoon and carried through to evening. I went to bed by 10:30, armed with earplugs to keep out the world. I slept relatively well, though my ears objected to the plugs by morning, and I overslept. Whenever I oversleep, I tend to have bizarro dreams that I can remember well (maybe they are no less bizarre than my regular dreams and the difference is really just that I remember more of the details).

Here was this morning's dream:

I had a baby with me and was wandering around a giant frou-frou supermarket -- like Plum Market only Ikea-sized. In three of the departments, I was having a flirty good time with the staff (one person in each section). One of them suggested I crash a party they were supplying/catering. For some reason, the baby and I -- on bike -- went. (note: only in dream world could I transport a baby and a conventional non-trailer stroller on my black bike, but I did).

The party was also in some enormous space, vaguely circular in its layout and near water. It was night now, actually growing quite late... the baby drifted off to sleep in the stroller and I proceeded at various points in the evening to drift in an out of flirty interactions with each of the three staff people -- one of whom morphed into my gay yoga instructor, who was acting in decidedly un-gay ways toward me (which I was quite fine with). How I managed to have fairly intimate conversations (along with lovely drinks and spectacular food) with each of these people is lost on me now... I just kept wandering off from one and winding up with another. At one point two (or was it all of them?) encountered me together -- and there was some tension, but I just introduced all and pretended not to notice, secure in the fact that I had no official plans with any of them so I felt pretty free to do what I wanted without apologies.

By this time (in dream land) it was very late, and I headed out to my bike with yoga dude who morphed into another guy along the way (I think this was because my waking brain reminded my sleeping brain that in real life yoga dude doesn't have a bike). At the rack, as I am pondering the difficulty of getting the baby and stroller home on my bike, I realize that while my old black bike bag is there, my back rack has been stolen. The flirty good fun of the dream is gone and I wake up... because dealing with a stolen rack and non-trailered baby/stroller was more than I wanted to deal with, I think:)

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Daye said...

wow. I just get up and watch anime.