Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay, this is it for a while. My right arm -- that would be my mousing arm and the one attached to my yuiopghjklbnm fingers -- is hurting. I've got internet elbow and carpal-tunnel-graded-too-many-papers-itis. Since there are still more papers to be graded and it pains me more than the joints and tendons to not write comments on them, I've got to scale back the 'puter time. I've give my Scrabble games to E (watch out!) and set my Facebook status to something that begs to not be changed for two more days...

I do have a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 laying around. I may try to get that up and running... and then I can dictate comments for my students and yammer out all the blog posts running around in my brain. Then I can save more precious right arm for other amusing pursuits :)

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