Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Whole New World

Tonight we went to the middle schools' open house. It was a sort of odd mixture of "get excited, kids" and "don't worry, parents." I'm really not sure what to make of it all, especially as my brain tries desperately to keep my own memories of what we called "junior high" suppressed.

As we walked through the school on our way to the program, we passed these giant adolescents -- I knew E would look small against an 8th grader as she is younger and slight -- but these kids were adult sized and shaped. Could 8th graders really be that big? Well, as it turns out, those were high school kids. Whew.

After all the speechifying and after watching E's excitement when the curriculum director promised double math classes (she is loving math these days) and promotion to more advanced classes based on ability and not age/grade, I really started to feel excited for E.

But then, we walked around the school a bit and W directed my attention to the display put out by the school's wellness center touting its good work in the school: images of middle schoolers had little dialogue bubbles popping out of their mouths saying things such as "I hardly think about suicide at all anymore," "I've learned to always use protection," and "I feel so much better now that I've lost weight and stopped smoking."

Um... no... er, good, yes, I guess, sort of... but no, no, no...

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Stephanie said...

I guess I knew that she skipped a grade- but still its crazy that E is really this old! I remember sitting in the first meeting at the kindergarten and seeing W and thinking, oh, I recognize them, we should all be friends... wow. Times goes by way too fast.