Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleepover Report

So... the girl turns ten today! To celebrate, she chose to have a small gaggle of her closest buddies over for a sleepover party -- her first (she has sort of reluctant parents when it comes to multi-day kid parties). So, we are in the final stages of said party, the kids are making poster/collages with pictures from the party (E's idea, isn't she cool?) that I printed out this morning.

Here is the breakdown:

Kids invited: 6
Kids attending: 6 (good response rate, eh?)

Theme and decorations:
Citrus theme so lots of cheery light green, orange, and white crepe paper and balloons

Food offered and (mostly) consumed:
Individual pizzas (topped by each kid), large tray of veggies and dip, lemon ice cream cake, yellow cupcakes

Overall decent. They giggled until I thought they would puke. They sat around the dinner table for over an hour taking turns telling stories and jokes. They played team games with balloons. They practiced their numbers and colors in French (E's current interest). On the negative side, I did have to rein in looking up "dirty" words in the dictionary ("What? A bitch is just a female dog..." Yeah, kid, I was a kid once too, ya know); two episodes of tears (both on the part of the little guy); an hour of fluffing about and kids popping up and turning on lights before sleep (still got everyone to sleep before midnight).

Screeching, screaming, giggling, eating, present opening, game playing, movie watching (The Neverending Story II), glow stick fun, music making, etc.

Parental exhaustion rating: 6 out of 10; overall it wasn't too bad, E did most of the planning, wrote out the invitations, helped clean and decorate, etc.

Happy birthday, First Born!

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