Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adventures in Breakfast

The year 2008 went out with a whimper. Fine. Good riddance.

The year 2009, however, has had a lovely opener that included decent health in the household (one or the other or multiples of us have been unwell for the last 2 weeks), a bit of biking (and I remembered to reset my odometer for 2009!), cheery visits with friends, and playful antics with my kids.

A definite highpoint of the day came in the realm of food; more specifically, egg-in-a-basket (aka yolky pokey, eggie toast, toad in a basket, and many, many other names) experimentation and an array of some of my most favorite breakfast foods (grits, tempeh bacon, sauteed spinach, and red grapefruit).

So, the egg-in-a-basket inspiration came from V for Vendetta(a movie I had resisted but ended up really liking), where the impressive dish is a minor plot device. Never having made it before, there was a bit of experimentation, which resulted in these conclusions: 1) make the hole in the bread with a shot glass (you don't want the hole too big or too small) and 2) put one side of the buttered bread down to cook a bit then turn it over and crack the egg. It was totally yummy (yeah, butter, bread, eggs, salt and pepper... what's to go wrong there??) and when the first one was flipped over I was greeted with... a smiley face!!!!

Hello 2009, I'm very happy to see you!


Stella said...

Happy New Year! My mother used to make us this egg dish when we were kids, only we called it "egg-in-a-hat."

Matthew said...

I was a bit surprised to have liked V for Vendetta as well...

p.s. I would put that in italics, but I have no idea how to with HTML tags.