Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cleaning up my act

This morning's distraction/writing warm up activity was to unsubscribe myself from lists/mass mailings that are cluttering up my e-mail in-boxes. It felt good. NARAL, NOW, Amnesty International, you all do lovely things, but I don't really want to know about every single one of them... just take my money, keep your website current, and I'll check in when I can.

Now I just wish someone would come along and so a similar "unsubscribe" for all the tangible things cluttering up my life. I'd work on it myself, but it is REALLY time to work now.


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing earlier this year. It's a wonderful thing!
The only problematic website was, who apparently has fifty different email lists that spam people who sign up for fantasy football league. I think I am finally unsubscribed from all of them....


Anonymous said...

Nice seeing you last night at the Corner, G! I hope you had fun on the trails today. Missed you at the RAT! We needed more chick power...although I did get to do the ride with Homeless Dave :)