Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The staff is sounding me out on my impending move into the big office. Meeting schedules for the fall are being set. "Congratulations" are coming in from my colleagues. All of this is intruding a bit on my summer, but I figure these little things can be a good chance for me to get a bit more intentional about the interaction habits and style I want to practice while department chair.

First order of business is to be much more guarded about e-mails. If it is a question, idea, or comment that I don't want circulated throughout the entire college, I am not going to put it in an e-mail. This is going to mean many, many more phone calls (which I detest) but I think the good of this policy outweighs the bad.

The second item on my list is to write everything down for myself and, when necessary, for others. I've worked with our current dean long enough to know that she will agree to things in meetings and then, when it comes time for them to actually happen, has no memory of said agreement. I will cultivate the habit of the follow-up/confirmation/"this-is-what-we-agreed-to" e-mails. There are times when I also need a prompt to remember how things were left after a meeting, so I vow to keep track!

Third, I'm going to try to keep a lid on my sarcasm. Okay, okay, stop laughing. I know it will be difficult, but it is too easily misunderstood or mis-used. It is more the latter that concerns me, but I figure suppressing my acerbic wit for a term won't kill me and will help ensure that I leave office in 2009 as a well-loved dictator. Er, leader, I mean.


Matthew said...

...and I promise to stop all wars and hunger, lower taxes, and...

TeacherPatti said...

You can do it! Remember how well you organized the Ypsi Rebels? :) Hee hee.
Off topic...I followed the link to the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch link...that's freaking funny. I am not in 100% agreement, but I love that there exists a website with that name :)

ypsipearl said...

I've stopped laughing, so now I can comment and say that if it helps you, feel free to ramp up the sarcasm in your personal life (well, with me anyway) to help you get through this experience.

You're going to be so great, though, that they're going to want to keep you there.