Wednesday, January 23, 2008


(yes, this is a re-run... but I'm doing it for the Injector)

TAG...I'M IT!!...(tagged by Stacey)

Here are 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about me.

1) I am incredibly indecisive, which I cover for with high activity levels.

2) I am fruit fussy and I hate berries in particular... and in my world, cherries count as berries (don't give me shit, I know they are really stone fruits).

3) The best job I ever had was a summer spent working as a trail guide at a horse stable. I made no money and worked 13 hour days but rode beautiful creatures through the woods for hours and hours.

4) I like moving water... waterfalls, rivers, oceans, babbling brooks.

5) I love to be read to sleep.

6) I learned to swim really well early on because the bottom of natural bodies of water kind of freak me out.

7) I actually hate history museums, despite being a historian and all.

8) I am an excellent parallel parker -- despite not having much eye/hand coordination.

9) I don't really understand how televisions and such work... oh sure, W has tried to explain it to me but that usually just sends me off into the most peaceful sleep...

10) I can wrap my right arm around behind my head, under my chin, and touch my right ear.

BTW, I am disappointed that no one has yet offered to read me to sleep.


Anonymous said...

the first time I read this I thought you were saying that you liked to read yourself to sleep, now I see otherwise! Being read to sleep sounds nice.

Your secret anonymous blog guest

Warren said...

I used to, but you kept falling asleep.