Monday, July 30, 2012

End of an Era

Today, I quit my gym.  The last 8+ years has been a good run.  This gym saw me through my post-babies body reclamation project and recovery from two surgeries.  There are friendly folks I have enjoyed seeing a couple of times a week for years on end, even if I was not always sure of their names.  There are a couple of good teachers who manage to kick my ass once in a while.

But the time has come.  The circles I travel don't take me that way anymore and a destination gym doesn't fit well with my life for the next few years.  It took me a long time to decide this, I paid a bunch up front to have a forever cheap monthly rate and that has tied me to this gym, but even $21/month is too much if you find yourself struggling to get there even once a week.  And I've been cheating on my old gym by taking classes at a place in Ypsi for over a year...

I'm not giving up gym-ing, of course, but I'm throwing in with the local folk, putting some more money into my workouts and looking forward to the sweating more with friendly folks and actual friends in a hometown establishment.  Ypsi Studio, here I come!

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