Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hank, Jr.

So, I finally got the report on the MRI that was done on my back at the end of July. "A persistent right hemilarminectomy defect is redemonstrated." In other words, "a focal cyst is again seen along the medial aspect of the right facet joint extending into the lateral recess and subarticular region abutting the right L5 nerve root."

Yeah, yeah, you know all this, Hank came back, but listen to this:

"The size of this cyst now measures 5x3mm compared to 7x6mm on the prior exam [of 3/31/10]."

So there ya go, Hank, Jr. has gotten smaller. And I found myself saying to the doctor, "as long as I can still have the ibuprofen to turn to when the pain level creeps up, I can live with this." No second surgery for me, thank you very much.

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Matthew said...

Finally, some good news!