Monday, October 6, 2008

Things I Like -- Fall 2008 edition

Cabins (on rainy fall nights when temps fall into the 30s).
Exuberant dogs wearing silly sweaters.
K & N's friends.
Apple/cider/donut stands on rural roads, after big hills.
Wool base layers.
Vans that carry lots of bikes.
Wine with lunch after a long hike.
Dry trails.
Polish porters and Golabki.
Wheels with all spokes attached.
Deer bounding across trails.
Riding off the last trail with 18 miles on my widget and a smile on my face.
Euchre, beer, and ribald talk.
Apple pie and hot coffee for breakfast.
Adventure buddies.


Stella said...

Your list and your pics make me miss the Michigan fall!

the injector said...

it sure was fun wasn't it!!
woo hoo to fall time.

ypsipearl said...

Your life looks funner than mine.

Andre said...

I must say, I have issues w/ dogs in sweaters.

birdy.j said...

What a sweet entry! Sign *those* were the days....

Shan said...

wish i could have come with y'all!