Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peer Pressure in the Springtime

I'm not going to give in. Since so many of my friends seem to be overrun with garden-mania, I am just going to proclaim here and now: I don't garden. How uncool is that? All I intentionally grow is grass, really, and that is just because I like to roll around on it with my kids. I don't really even pay that much attention to the grass.

I do find myself swept up in the romance of the tales of planting running around the friendly blogs these days and I'll probably envy their haul once things get going, but I'm just not that kind of hippie. Oh, okay, I might put in a few herb plants (that someone else started) and a tomato plant (but that is just so that I can use my composting worm's poop), but no more.

Just remember all you garden freaks (and I say that with love), I'm happy to soak up your extra produce and I make excellent zucchini bread!


Anonymous said...

Come on, Geo--everyone's doing it. Just do it once, you won't get hooked. Don't you want to be cool? All the cool kids garden?
You can have my farm share husband won't eat it.

Daye said...

I suspect the greenie beanies are gonna go nuts this year--be warned.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

See, I'm thinking a non-gardening but pro-cooking vegetarian is going to be an asset come August!

So bring on that extra produce!

Warren said...

I'm doing my part by starting some maple seedlings in my advanced "raised bed" trough system, mounted up on the side of the house. Others call it a "gutter."

Ypsipearl said...

Admittedly, gardens are a lot of work. You can have some of my eggplants, I have four plants which is more than plenty for us.